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7 Steps Towards Work-Life Balance

1. When you really think about it, at its core, work-life balance is about self respect and self love. Start by asking yourself: What are my personal values and priorities? What do I have to have in my life to feel successful, loved, nurtured, happy?

2. We all juggle many balls and wear many hats and are constantly trying to balance personal and professional priorities. Remember: When you are balanced and happy, all else falls into place, tasks are done with ease and you have enough energy to deal with challenges and pitfalls. Start by planning your week, write down your priorities and then commit to live by them. When life gets busy, it is easy to give up the personal activities that make you happy and re-energize you.

3. Listen to your body. Are you feeling low in energy, do you dread getting up in the morning? A recent study has shown that consistently working long hours does not bring better results. It actually makes you less productive. Get enough rest. Learn to say no. Read up on good nutrition, cut out sugar and junk food and commit to regular exercise. This will help you maintain your energy level throughout the day and will also boost your self-esteem.

4. Plan for downtime each week and make it non-negotiable. What small gift can you give yourself each week? Getting a massage every other week will not only help you relax, it’ll also boost your immune system. Taking time to read a good book, soaking in your bathtub using scented salts, maybe retreat to your bedroom, lighting candles and listening to your favorite music, watching a movie that makes you laugh.

5. Delegate. Outsource. Are there weekly or monthly chores outside of work that you really don’t enjoy doing? If you don’t enjoy cleaning your house, cleaning the windows, taking care of the yard, grooming the dog – then look into getting help. This is one gift you can give yourself – and well worth it.

6. Spend time with the people you love. For us to thrive, we need to feel connected. If work is overtaking all your time and you are too tired for your family or to get together with friends, it will eventually affect your sense of well-being. Block out time in your weekly planner for a date, for connecting with friends and family.

7. Create a mind map of what your perfect work-life balance would look like: start with how many hours you feel comfortable working each week. This will differ for everyone and will also change as you age & have other commitments in your life. Now look at your finances. If you simplified your life, how much money do you really need to be making? Now compare these results to what you are actually doing right now. What steps can you begin to make today to bring these into alignment?