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What is Coaching

Solution-focused coaching is partnering with you in a creative process that inspires you to first decide what you want and then to  design a road map to get what you most desire.
Together, we will push through the boundaries of your potential so you can be the creator of your own positive experiences. With encouragement and support you will stretch and grow and step by step you will reach your desired goal.

This process can be applied to all areas of life – creating a healthy work/life balance, using it to advance in your career, focusing on personal growth or any life change causing transition and reorientation.

People who are being effectively coached have an experience of being listened to wholeheartedly and non-judgmentally. Ideas flow much more clearly, and are easily aligned with deep values. This experience, and the coaching attitude, is then often taken into the workplace, their families, and the world at large.
Clients attest that the transformational coaching process has supported them in their life changes in many positive and lasting ways and that they now are able to live and work with more focus and balance, engaging with passion and purpose.

Author and speaker B. Buchard recently posted this statement: “If the only challenges we face are those that life has thrown at us then we are not directing our own destiny; our greatest challenges should be those we give ourselves to reach our full potential”

Let me help you move beyond the currently possible, really align with your goals and then create a specific course of action that leads to tangible results.

To explore how coaching can help you reach your goals, please contact me by emailing: or call me at:  (505) 856-1371.

There are several options available to you. A coaching package can be selected based on what you want to achieve through coaching. After our 30 min. consulting session, which is at no cost to you, you can decide.