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Help with strategic planning

It’s already February!

You may have set goals and already stalled on some of them. Just making a list of actionable items is not enough to get you inspired to truly go for what you want to accomplish this year. Try this approach:

Take 30 minutes of uninterrupted time. Ask yourself these questions and jot down the answers

  • WHAT have I LEARNED in the past year?
  • WHAT are my GOALS for the coming year?
  • WHY are these goals important to me? 
  • WHAT are OBSTACLES I face for each GOAL?
  • HOW will those obstacles be eliminated?
  •  WHAT are my STRATEGIES for reaching each GOAL?
  •  WHAT are some of the MILESTONES to reach while pursuing each STRATEGY?
  •  WHAT are the CRITICAL activities to ensure each MILESTONE?
  • WHEN must each critical activity be completed?
  • HOW READY am I to perform the activities?
  • HOW inspired/motivated am I to perform the activities?
  • WHAT type and level of SUPPORT will I require to succeed?

You may already use a project planning software to enter milestones, critical activities, etc. If not, a day planner or even a weekly calendar can be used to enter milestones to track your activities. Always go back to the WHY when you feel your enthusiasm waning.

If you would like help with implementation, coaching can help you stay on track, keep you inspired and hold you accountable. Don’t we all need a coach? Contact me to find out how we can work together to make things happen in 2014.