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How can Coaching help you attract what you want

Much has been written and talked about the Law of Attraction. It’s probably no news to you that by thinking of something while sitting on your couch and waiting for it to manifest doesn’t work.

What does work is to become really clear, so clear that you can already feel it happening. You visualize the desired state and see yourself achieving what you desire. And then you act as if you already ‘were it’. Here is where coaching is of immense benefit. In coaching, we engage in a process that lets you dig deep down and bring up little golden nuggets of wisdom and reaching your true desires. Once we have discovered these treasures we can then explore options, sift, sort and then choose some steps that will take us closer to our desired outcome. This lets us ‘be’ it, feel it, know it.

In Transformational, solution-focused coaching you connect with your inner genius who already has all the solutions at hand. Over a time span of a few weeks you will experience your life changing for the better. You feel feel more empowered, you will gain clarity where there was confusion.

A powerful question to keep asking yourself is:”Where do I choose to distract myself, where am I not present to myself and others?”