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What does a business coach do?

Business Coaches help business owners (or business leaders) in business effectiveness and personal effectiveness.

Business Coaches work with business owners and business executives in two distinct areas:

  • 1) Helping business owners who don’t know what to do in a particular area of his or her business. I would call this “business effectiveness.” All areas of business effectiveness fall into the broader categories of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Human Resources, Leadership Development, Systems Implementation, Strategic Planning, Financial Management, and Exit Planning / Succession Planning. Business coaches work with successful people who are “stuck” in certain areas of their business.  These areas can be related to low profits, cash flow problems, poor quality of products/services, lack of leadership depth, a poor company culture and limited company value, people problems, or working too many hours, which can result in an unhealthy work/life balance.A professional business coach helps get the client gain clarity so the owner can work strategically on business development and systematically solve these problems.  This results in higher profits, better cash flow, and a happier workplace, which in turn leads to a healthy, productive, and joyful life.
  • 2) The second  area where a business coach comes in is when the client knows what he or she should be doing, but isn’t doing it.  This is what we call “personal effectiveness.”Many personal effectiveness issues stem from bad habits and beliefs.  Personal effectiveness starts with knowing yourself and knowing your own personal vision and goals.  From here it moves to how you interact with other people of all personality and behavioral types.  Ultimately, personal effectiveness is about behavior that is congruent with values.  It is about being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy.With all the pressures in our world, it is very difficult to maintain personal effectiveness without paying ongoing, deliberate attention to it.  A business coach provides the structure and knowledge necessary to help people maximize  their personal effectiveness.